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Adam Beverly - Night Light's ShadowNight Light's Shadow

Adam is making his debut as an author.  Compiling over 25 years of lyric writing, he has selected works dating back to 1991.  The book features over 80 lyrics that are divided into three major writing periods of his life.  There is a clear focus on his "Solo Years", which started in 2011.  Since then, he has released over 35 songs...all of which are presented in Night Light's Shadow.  The book, at just over 150 pages, also features the artwork which Adam has connected with his music.  Throughout the book, he offers personal, candid and honest insight to his life as a songwriter.


You can order your copy here.


Release Date: August 18, 2017

Adam Beverly - Radios & Navigation - Deluxe EditionRadios & Navigation | Deluxe Edition

On June 1, 2016, Adam released his 3rd solo album, "Radios & Navigation".  The album has received airplay on European radio and was listed on the 2016 GRAMMY Ballot for Best Americana Album.  Now, in 2017, the album will be re-released in a Deluxe Edition featuring the original 9 tracks in their original order as well as 2 new tracks.  The two new tracks are:

 - Radios & Navigation (acoustic version)

 - Runway 



 Hagge's Music Pub | Tønder Festival 2017

Adam Beverly - with band.  2015 Hagge's Music Pub (Tønder Festival 2015)

Adam has been invited back to perform at the iconic "Hagge's Music Pub" in Tønder, Denmark as part of the venue's 2017 Tønder Festival program.

Adam will be performing with Rikke Madsen, Toke Knudsmark, Casper L. Thomsen and Mathias Fabricius on

Saturday, Aug. 19

Monday, Aug. 21

Visit Hagge's here.


March 2017 - United Entertainment & Media Limited

Adam Beverly + United Entertainment and Media Limited - London, United Kingdom

After years of being 100% solo and independent (with the occasional hired hand of extremely talented professionals) Adam Beverly has just signed an agreement with United Entertainment and Media Limited from London, United Kingdom.

The agreement will help bring his music out to the masses.  Adam looks forward to working with them.  

To read more about United Entertainment and Media Limited you can click here.


 2016 Grammy Ballot - Best Americana Album

Adam Beverly - Grammy Ballot - Best Americana Album

Adam's 2016 album "Radios & Navigation" is on the Grammy Ballot this year and in great company on the long list of nominee hopefuls!  Read the English Press Release here or the Danish Press Release here.

"Radios & Navigation" On Danish National Radio!

Adam Beverly at Denmark's National Radio (Danmarks Radio)

On Friday, November 11, 2016, Adam was by interviewed by host Sanne Rossen and they talked about everything from the Grammys to the recording process of "Radios & Navigation".


The interview took place at "Danmarks Radio" studio in the city of Aabenraa in southern Denmark.


The interview and airing of the single "On the Brink" makes "Radios & Navigation" Adam's third album in a row to land a single on the airwaves of Danish National Radio.


Listen to the interview here.

"Radios & Navigation" 

Radios & Navigation - by Adam Beverly.  Released June 1, 2016

Mixed, mastered and co-produced by Emmy Award winning producer BZ Lewis, "Radios & Navigation" is Adam's 3rd solo album since 2011!

Hear the entire album right here in this video...from start to finish.

See and/or download the digital booklet here.

Adam Beverly - Radios& NavigationAdam Beverly - Radios & NavigationAdam Beverly - Radios & NavigationAdam Beverly - Radios & Navigation 

Adam Beverly on Chartbase. Denmark's Largest Independent Music and Hit List Site" excellent Americana-Rock release..." (about Radios & Navigation [song])

- ChartBase -  Denmark’s Largest Independent Music and Hitlist Site. May, 2016.


Adam Beverly - Radios& Navigation"... personal lyrics, an honest smile and an acoustic guitar in the middle..."

 - Ugeavisen (Danish Weekly Newspaper). April, 2016



Adam Beverly - Radios & Navigation"...a classic folk sound..." (about "Tell Me All About It")

 - TAXI, The World's Leading Independent A&R Company. April, 2016


"Radios & Navigation" Release Concert!

Adam Beverly - Radios & Navigation release concert with Toke Knudsmark, Rikke Madsen, Casper L. Thomsen and Mathias FabriciusFriday, June 17, 2016, Adam played his release concert for "Radios & Navigation" for a packed audience at the historic theater Kosmorama in Denmark.  Adam and his band (Toke Knudsmark, Rikke Madsen, Casper L. Thomsen and Mathias Fabricius) presented 8 of the 9 songs from the new album along with a mixed collection of Adam's vast back catalogue, offering the audience a nearly 2 hour long concert!

 A video from the evening can be seen at the bottom of this homepage.

Pictures sent from fans can be seen here, official pictures can be seen here.


Copenhagen Songwriter's Festival 2016

Adam Beverly to host a stage at 2016 Copenhagen Songwriter's Festival

After performing at the festival two previous years, Adam has been invited to host a stage at this year's Copenhagen Songwriter's Festival.

The festival takes place August 31st - September 4th.

For more information click here.






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