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by Adam Beverly

Released 2011
Released 2011
Honest lyrics, acoustic and electric guitars, drums and bass = ROCK Folk.
After 2 singles on Danish National Radio and more than 7 years of touring with The Beverly Band, Adam Beverly is now a solo artist. "Burn" marks a new beginning for Adam - which is, more accurately, a return to where he started.

This album is governed by the songs. From the catchy-chorus "Right Now" to the road trip-daze of "Wheels on the Road", Adam let each song go where it needed to go. The result is a collection of 9 songs that are true to themselves and a true representation of Adam's song-writing.

"Burn" is mixed and mastered by BZ Lewis, owner and engineer of Studio 132 in Oakland, California. Lewis is a 5 time Emmy Award Winning Producer and was also the engineer/producer behind The Beverly Band's recordings of Adam's songs "Dirt on My Hands" and "Late-night Getaways".