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Radios & Navigation (Deluxe Edition)

by Adam Beverly

Released 2016/2017(Deluxe)
Released 2016/2017(Deluxe)
"Radios & Navigation" was listed on the Grammy Ballot in 2016 for "Best Americana Album".
An honest message, rich vocal harmonies and an acoustic guitar in the middle of it all.
Adam Beverly’s 3rd solo album “Radios & Navigation”, released in 2016, puts the troubadour he is on center stage. The songs are based on his tenor voice and his acoustic guitar…the sound that has brought him to hundreds of concerts in various corners of the world. The Deluxe Edition of the album contains 2 new tracks in addition to the original 9.

“Radios & Navigation” was listed on USA’s Grammy Ballot for “Best Americana Album”. The single “On the Brink” has received airplay on European Radio.

“Radios & Navigation” is full of vocal harmonies, acoustic instruments and honest lyrics. Danish singer Rikke Madsen plays Adam’s female counterpart throughout the album, while Casper L. Thomsen (guitar/vocal) and Toke Knudsmark (bass) play steady and creative roles throughout the album.

“Radios & Navigation” is mixed and mastered by Adam’s long-time friend and Emmy award winning producer BZ Lewis of Studio 132 in Oakland, California. Lewis is also co-producer on the album.